Lasubst Egg Timer for Boiling Eggs Soft Hard Boiled Egg Timer That Changes Color When Done,Red

Upgrade your egg-boiling experience with our innovative egg timer! No more struggles with hard or soft-boiled eggs – our timer calculates precise cooking stages by temperature, ensuring you achieve the perfect boil every time.

Say goodbye to guesswork! Place the egg timer and eggs into the pot and let it work for you. The soft, medium, and hard-boiled lines on the timer provide clear indicators of the eggs’ doneness degree.

Safety is a priority! Our egg timer comes with a red chicken image, made from food-grade unsaturated polyester resin and temperature-sensitive paper. Rest assured, there’s no BPA or chemical smell.

Enjoy a hassle-free reading experience! Submerge the timer in water for a clear view and easy reading. Get a quick visual indicator of the eggs’ progress without any guesswork.

Looking for a unique gift? Our novelty egg boiler timer is a wonderful and fun present, perfect for those who struggle to boil the ideal eggs. Ideal for family and friends, especially on occasions like Easter, Mother’s Day, or Father’s Day.

Pro tip: Enhance accuracy by storing the egg timer with your eggs, ensuring they start at the same temperature. Upgrade your egg-boiling game today!

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